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Introduction to the Command Line

This manual is an introduction to using the command line with a focus on empowering GNU/Linux beginners. It is meant to be fun and encourage the reader to play. For instance features are introduced in the context of useful tasks. Rarely used features are not discussed. The main topic is the GNU/Linux Bash shell.
This manual was originally written during LibrePlanet 2009. The Book sprint was organized by Andy Oram and Adam Hyde for FLOSS Manuals.


Free Software Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman, 3rd Edition

This collection of essays by FSF founder and president Richard M. Stallman is a thorough primer on the free software movement. Learn about free software ethics, licensing, and how the movement views particular problems.

A .pdf of the book is available at http://www.gnu.org/doc/fsfs3-hardcover.pdf, and the source is http://www.gnu.org/doc/fsfs3-hardcover.tar.gz.


Book Bundle

GNU Press is proud to offer a special holiday sale on Free as in Freedom(2.0) and Free Software Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard Stallman (2nd Edition). Get 10% off when you buy both books at the same time.

In 2002, Sam Williams wrote Free as in Freedom, a biography of Richard M. Stallman. In its epilogue, Williams expressed hope that choosing to distribute his book under the GNU Free Documentation License would enable and encourage others to share corrections and their own perspectives through modifications to his work.


Using GCC: The GNU Compiler Collection Reference Manual, v. 3.3 (discounted)

The definitive reference manual for the most widely used compiler in the world, written by the program's original author and its current developers. The GNU Compiler Collection is a full-featured ANSI C compiler with support for C, C++, Objective C, Java and Fortran as well as libraries for all these languages, such as libstdc++ and libgcj.

This book covers:


GNU Make Version 3.81

This best-selling manual is indispensable to free software system maintainers. The GNU Make manual, written by the program's original authors and current maintainer, is the definitive tutorial. It is carefully designed to be useful to all levels of users, and includes an introductory chapter for novices. The Make utility automates the process of compilation; it is especially useful when the source files of large programs change. GNU Make is becoming increasingly popular as it is able to meet the needs of free software system hackers in system management.


Debugging with GDB: The GNU Source-Level Debugger, V 7.3.1

The GNU Debugger allows you to see what is going on "inside" a program while it executes - or what a program was doing at the moment it crashed.

GDB supports C, C++, Java, Fortran and Assembly among other languages; it is also designed to work closely with the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC).

The GNU Debugger Program has four special features that helps you catch bugs in the act:


Free Software Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman, 2nd Edition

This book collects the writing of Richard Stallman in a manner that will make its subtlety and power clear. The essays span a wide range, from copyright to the history of the free software movement. They include many arguments not well known, and among these, an especially insightful account of the changed circumstances that render copyright in the digital world suspect. They will serve as a resource for those who seek to understand the thought of this most powerful man--powerful in his ideas, his passion, and his integrity, even if powerless in every other way.



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