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Emacs de Luxe Bundle

A few years after we compiled our All Things Emacs bundle, we discovered that we had accumulated a few more things Emacs. And so: The Emacs de Luxe bundle, for those determined to go "all-in" with the text editor that edits text and also does everything else.

The Emacs de Luxe bundle is not a mere collection of objects, but an immersive Emacsperience. With it, you can:


DRM Free Living

Imagine a world without Digital Restrictions Management. Start a conversation wherever you go with our new DRM Free shirt. Same message, new design, new color.

The shirt comes in a military green color with a front and back design.

Ethically manufactured with environmental, eco-friendly, and fair labor practices

A size chart (in Imperial measurements) for Bella Canvas unisex T-shirts is here.


Antisurveillance Webcam Guard

Protect yourself from surveillance with ease and panache with this webcam guard designed to cover your laptop's camera. This extra thin guard can easily attach to any major desktop, laptop or phone via the adhesive backing. We at the Free Software Foundation aim to keep anyone from surreptitiously controlling your camera - but even if that fails, they can't see through these. Protect your privacy the "blindingly obvious" way!

Length: 28mm (1.1 inches)
Width: 12mm (0.47 inches)
Height: 1.75mm (0.07 inches)

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