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Emacs de Luxe Bundle


A few years after we compiled our All Things Emacs bundle, we discovered that we had accumulated a few more things Emacs. And so: The Emacs de Luxe bundle, for those determined to go "all-in" with the text editor that edits text and also does everything else.

The Emacs de Luxe bundle is not a mere collection of objects, but an immersive Emacsperience. With it, you can:

0. Study Emacs with the GNU Emacs Manual, Nineteenth edition, for Emacs version 27.2 - our best-selling manual;

1. Use Emacs with exceptional ease thanks to the Emacs Reference Card v25 , a handy "cheat sheet" that puts the most useful Emacs commands at your fingertips;

2. Read Emacs under the sun with our GNU Baseball Cap;

3. Promote Emacs with five each of our Emacs Logo and Emacs Sink Icon stickers;

4. Imbibe Emacs from an Emacs "Auto-Fill Mode" mug;

5. And even Become Emacs , in a sense, by sporting an attractive GNU Emacs Logo T-shirt, and using your imagination.

All told, it's five pounds (about 2.25 kg) of everything you need to conquer Emacs, and therefore the world - and at a tidy discount, too!

Important note: Is your size "Out of stock"? Send an email to sales@fsf.org - we can probably make your size available again by shifting a few bytes around.