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Introduction to the Command Line


This manual is an introduction to using the command line with a focus on empowering GNU/Linux beginners. It is meant to be fun and encourage the reader to play. For instance features are introduced in the context of useful tasks. Rarely used features are not discussed. The main topic is the GNU/Linux Bash shell.
This manual was originally written during LibrePlanet 2009. The Book sprint was organized by Andy Oram and Adam Hyde for FLOSS Manuals.

"Learning to have more control over your computer is an extension of your support for GNU/Linux and free software. Thanks to the no-nonsense examples given in this book, it is now much less daunting for beginners to learn than I had previously imagined. Please help spread this book, help improve it, help translate this book and encourage people to learn the command line as an extension of their support for free software." Peter Brown Executive Director Free Software Foundation

This manual has been written within FLOSS Manuals.


Download the source file for this book.

ISBN: 978-1-882114-04-7