I'm a member. Will my discount be applied automatically?
No. You need to enter the discount code you were given when you joined as an associate member. This discount code can be retrieve by checking your account page.
Do you ship internationally? If so, what is the cost?
International shipping is available. The cost varies depending on the requested delivery service, the country it is being delivered to, and the size/weight of the items purchased.
Who can I contact about getting new items offered in the store?
We are always interested to hear feedback on which items you would like to see in the store. If you have suggestions please feel free to send an email to sales@gnu.org.
Can I return items?
We will exchange or replace items if they arrive broken or damaged. Unfortunately we're not in the position to be able to take returns.
Why are some shirts available only in very large or small sizes?
We generally have a limited stock of items available through the store. When we sell out of a particular size shirt, we may not be able to order new stock of that size right away. For limited edition or discontinued shirts, we keep the item in the store until all the shirts have been sold. That generally means that less popular sizes will remain for a longer period of time.
I have a great idea for the shop! How do I let the FSF know?
Please add any of your ideas to our Ideas page: http://libreplanet.org/wiki/Group:Free_Software_Foundation/Ideas We regularly check the Ideas page when deciding what new products to include in the shop.
How do I find out about new GNU gear?
Subscribe to the GNU Press mailing list at: https://crm.fsf.org/civicrm/profile/create?gid=88&reset=1 We only email you when a new product is released.
I work at a college or university and I need to order books for my class and professor.
Email business@gnu.org with your name, your address, the book(s) you need, the quantity, the date by which you need it, the professor's name, and the PO#. We'll contact you with total pricing information, a ship date, and invoice information. We'll even set up your online account for you so that you can order through the store in the future.
For more information on buying books as a reseller, please see our Wholesaler page
Are gift certificates available?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide gift certificates at this time.
I live in the Boston area and I'd love to volunteer to help out with the store or other FSF activities. How do I do that?
That's great, we'd love to have you. Volunteers keep the FSF going. Please see http://fsf.org/volunteer for more information.
I have some artwork I made that I would like the FSF to use. How do I get it in front of someone who makes those decisions?
You can email graphics@gnu.org with your design.
I want to write a book for the GNU Press. How do I go about doing that?
Please see our Author page for information on becoming a GNU Author.

Questions about your order? Check the FAQ or email us at sales@fsf.org.

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