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Ready to take the plunge into the text editor that's much, much more than a text editor? Or are you an experienced Emacs user looking to brush up your skills or renew your reference materials? Look no further, hacker. We have you covered. The Emacs Reference Kit includes one each of the following:

1. GNU Emacs Manual, 17th edition - the complete guide to all things Emacs, authored by none other than Richard M. Stallman, Emacs programmer and FSF founder and President.

2. the GNU Emacs Reference Card. A sturdy, tri-folded reference containing dozens of handy Emacs keyboard commands for every instance when you wonder, "How do I......"

3. the Emacs Reference Mug - A condensed reference to Emacs keyboard commands. In addition to being printed with the 33 most useful commands, the mug holds coffee, tea, cocoa, lemonade, beer, pencils, or coins, or can serve as a makeshift flower pot - it's nearly as versatile as Emacs itself!

Sold separately these three items add up to $68 in this very shop - but order them together and it's all yours for only $60. There's no more powerful work flow environment out there; we can help you master this one. HAPPY HACKING!